It's SHOW TIME .. March 26th changes EVERYTHING

After last weeks charts showing over all market weakness, here's the final nail in the coffin. On March 26, 2018, the Chinese will commence trading oil with their oil/gold/yuan futures contracts. These contracts completely circumvent the US dollar. Bottom line, the US petro-dollar is dead! This will start a massive naked shorting of the US dollar around the world. This will lead to a dollar collapse and its related markets. US bond markets and US Treasuries will get hammered, i.e. dumped. This March 26th event will bring the fiat system to its knees. And, this will cause the derivatives to implode, wiping out Deutsche Bank in the center of the storm, along with the banks linked to Deutsche Bank. As we have stated over and over, most analysts are missing the BIG point, we are seeing the systemic collapse of the fiat currency system. This "de-dollarization" will cause huge flows of money into anything NOT related to US dollars, most of those moves will be running into cryptocurrencies! The time for speculation is over, reality is now coming into clear view.

Note the fact that China had ALREADY announced this move to a "gold backed yuan" over three years ago. When China stated that their yuan would be a reserve currency of the IMF, they also clearly stated their yuan would ultimately be backed by gold. The big question is, doesn't anybody READ anymore?? We had reported this fact three years ago and most people refused to believe it. Wishing and hoping simply do not work, reality is what must be dealt with. A new reality starts on Monday March 26, 2018. A dollar collapse is NOW imminent. If you do not own any cryptocurrencies, you WILL suffer huge losses in the near future. There is NO way around this. This last week of March may end up as a massive financial blood bath of epic proportions. 

Let's look at the charts. Look carefully, the insiders ALREADY KNOW what is about to happen, and they're running for cover.

This is the US dollar Index. Look at the massive sell off (volume) on Friday! 

This is Chevron. They started selling off weeks ago anticipating March 26th.

This is Exxon Mobil. Same kind of sell off. 

Of course, to further understanding the magnitude of this evening, look at this NASDAQ chart.
Look at the above NASDAQ chart carefully. Those LONG RED CANDLESTICKS  will get much longer and more frequent over the coming weeks and months. I repeat, THIS IS NOT A PULL BACK OR CORRECTION, THIS IS A SYSTEMIC COLLAPSE! The system is broken beyond repair.  If you STILL doubt this truth, it will not take long to see the evidence. A fiat currency (like the US dollar) can not withstand the power of a gold-backed currency (like the Chinese yuan). History is littered with hundreds of examples like this. 

Expect to see Russia, Iran or Saudi Arabia announce that they will no longer accept US dollars for oil. Gold is now the true reserve currency of the world AGAIN. From this point on, things will start happening much faster than most people expect. Dumping dollars will lead to dumping US treasuries, interest rates will spike which will lead to the collapse of the derivatives. This house of cards will collapse. 

If you do not have cryptocurrencies or bitcoin NOW, your financial future is in serious peril. 

EVERYTHING you need to know is contained in this blog. THIS is the beginning of the END.

Good Luck and God Bless.


  1. Thanks for very good post as always. Do I need to buy some gold and silver? An expert said we will see 50x silver price this year.

    1. Personally, I would ONLY consider purchasing SILVER, it has far MORE upside potential than gold. The Chinese have a massive amount of gold to back their yuan. IF they were to start dumping gold to undermine the western rigging of the COMEX and London Gold fix, you COULD see a surprising decline in gold prices. I NEVER bet again the Chinese!

  2. The language of this article suggests, that there is now other possible outcome than that being forecasted. That makes it kind of conspiratorial.

    1. This article is NOT "suggesting" anything. It is stating verifiable facts. First, YES, there is NO other outcome. Through out history, there has been several examples of this problem. The last notable example was the German Weimar Republic collapse of 1922. Second, YES, this is indeed a conspiracy. The Rothschild family has created this conspiracy to steal wealth from the world population for over 200 years. Since they own Tomson-Reuters and the Associated Press, the Rothschilds have gone to great lengths to keep their names out of the news and to convince the public that such conspiracies do not exist. Thus, they can hide their massive conspiracy in plain sight. Fiat currencies systems have a perfect track record throughout history, they ALWAYS collapse. The present day fiat system is above the average historical length of existence, but it is in its final days. Banks can not survive in a zero or negative interest environment; debt runs the fiat system, and that requires an ever increasing inflation rate. This is WHY the bankers keep insisting on a 2% inflation rate. They NEED inflation to cover the already existing debt. Without it, which is where we are, the system collapses. What you are seeing is the world's biggest Ponzi scheme imploding on itself. Recall George Santayana's famous quote, "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

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