How to Profit from Cryptocurrencies

The dramatic explosion in cryptocurrency investment is going to be with us for a while. Early adopters and investors will make fortunes. New digital currencies are being created daily by private entities and governments all over the world. This blog is your one-stop shop to get started in this exciting and rewarding event. Everything you will need to get started is contained within these posts and pages, so spend an afternoon and read through this entire blog. It will save you time and effort.

We have provided what we refer to as "members of our preferred portfolio."  These members are cryptocurrencies that should be in your investment portfolio. These are preferred cryptocurrencies that we hold and which we strongly recommend to our friends and family. At this moment, we PREFER Bitcoin, Ethereum, Electroneum, and Monero. We own and mine these coins; and, we consider them "long term" holds.

As we find new cryptocurrencies in which we invest, we will share that inform…

If you MISSED Friday's Wake-Up Call, the party's about to END!

The global markets in all asset classes are showing massive weakness. The  cryptocurrencies are that proverbial "ace in the hole"! So, watch out for major shocks THIS WEEK!  To the public, it may create a panic, but, we'll see how these anomalies are played!

Here's one of the 900 pound Gorillas in the room!

These are revelations NOBODY wants to talk about!

A lack of leadership is NOT a good omen for the status quo!

HOLY MOLY, It's 2008 all over again!  Deja vu for sure!

This trend will NOT end well! Brace for a sudden impact!

Wells Fargo.... it ain't over yet!

Signs of a crisis coming... and soon! 

Yes, the Toronto Exchange closed early Friday. But, the problem is MUCH BIGGER THAN you think!

The global markets have nearly reached critical mass, if not already! The "happy talk" just can't hide the obvious. A MAJOR MELTDOWN IS UPON US. The time is up! Get your house in order. Where the collapse will start is pretty much anybody's guess, but a collapse …


Yesterday, we warned that a market collapse could come on Friday (TODAY). Well, indeed, something went seriously wrong on the Toronto Exchange which could have easily spread like cancer throughout the western markets bringing everything down in a panic!  Read this article, NOTICE HOW VAGUE THE PROBLEM IS DESCRIBED, actually NO explanation at all!

Now, IF you THINK this was an odd coincidence, you deserve to loose your assets! The warning signs are everywhere. And, the rigging of cryptocurrencies by Wall Street is self-serving to give these corrupt bankers a lifeboat while they let everyone else drown in this disaster! If you're NOT invested in cryptocurrencies, you WILL regret it very soon. The handwriting is clearly on the wall.

Now, LOOK at this DJIA chart....
That's NOT a good picture!

The US dollar was DOWN today against the Mexican peso, Japanese Yen, British Pound, Chinese Yuan, Canadian Dollar, Korean Won, Indian Rupee, and Eurodollar! PAY ATTENTION! 

This could be that brie…

TGIF...... well, maybe!

Right here is where fiat monetary weakness raises it ugly. The perfect storm is forming!

The true nature of the problems in front of us is getting BIG attention in Canada!

Now, the Alarm Bells should be ringing loud and clear! Brace for impact!

Economically, we are on the Eve of Destruction! You'll need a lot more than "happy talk" now!

The markets are screaming "Big Decline coming", so don't be stupid! Protect yourself!

Take a look...
Brace brace brace....
Friday is ONLY one day! How bad could it be? Well, we shall see in a few hours!

You might want to have this ace up your sleeve!!

Just a Quick Heads Up Alert

SURPRISED? Don't be, this ain't rocket science!

Yesterday (yes, take a look at yesterday's post), we told you to expect some pretty big downward moves in the days ahead, like starting TODAY! Well, it's NO surprise that right on schedule the DJIA loses 424 points! But, who's listening? This is a very dangerous time to be invested. Stocks are going down! Bonds are going down. Commodities are going down, albeit temporary safety zones for investors bailing out of stocks and bonds. But, commodities WILL follow! What EVERYONE is missing is this simple fact, this NOT your normal market decline, this is a systemic fiat currency problem, i.e. the fiat system is collapsing. There is NO magic bullet or fairey dust that can stop it. But, nearly everyone remains in denial. AND, they WILL remain that way because the world hasn't seen anything like this for over 120 years, IF they even recognize what the true underlying problem is! The ONLY safe havens are the cryptocurrencies, specifically the ones we have identified on this blog…

Denial Denial Denial..... It's not a river in Egypt! It's an ugly truth!

Today, the 10 year Treasury bond yields touched 2.99% ~ That could be a good thing if the economy were really robust. But, given the structural weakness, the yield passing 3.00% could be catastrophic. WE ARE CLOSE! There is so much weakness across the board that it's hard to believe this fiat economy is still chugging along. But, check out these charts! Some BIG "down" days are coming in the near future, so get your house in order. 
First, our favorite DJIA - 
Oops, look familiar? There's the set up! But wait, let's look at the NASDAQ ~
Yep, it's setting up a sell off as well. But, maybe the S&P 500 will break the pattern ~ 
Rut row, looks alike a couple of big down days are coming! But, maybe the Transportation Index can give us a hint...
Geez, today it's showing a "spinning top"! Well, it could go either way IF it were not for the weaker volume!! That's bad. Brace yourself, this week may get real ugly fast.

Cryptocurrencies are about to fly.…

The signs are everywhere! Get ready!

Well well well, clearly NOBODY wants to be holding ANY long positions over the weekend! Not stocks! Not commodities! Not bonds! I wonder what's going on? Hmmmm, let me think, could it be the dreaded down turn we've warned about?  Could be, just take a look at these charts....
Rut row, we broke the 50 day average AND 8 day EMA! And look at that volume, a little spike there?  And the NASDAQ?
Rut row, kinda looks like the same thing! How about that S&P 500 chart?
Same thing there!!  Look out for next week. A big drop is coming soon! Are you ready??

The cryptocurrencies are looking stronger and stronger. Ya better have your house in order! Again, now would be a good time to get your investment arsenal ready for action! Check out CryptoSuite!

Tick tock tick tock..... Eli's coming!!

Watch out! We're getting down to it!

Bloomberg is already warning of stock declines. Just looking at the charts, another set of down legs are coming. Things are more vulnerable than anyone wants to admit. There is a dangerous internal weakness that nearly everyone is choosing to ignore. Whistling past the graveyard? Yep, most likely. Take a look at these charts. Look familiar?
But, it's not just the Dow Jones, take a look at the S&P...
A couple of very big down turns are coming, and soon! Brace yourself for impact. The futures for Friday's markets are not looking too good either. Of course, NOBODY is even hinting at the extreme vulnerability of the bond market. Even Morgan Stanley is warning that this market cycle may be ripe for a big disappointment. Market cycles are a nice way of couching the fact that underlying support levels are gone. In other words, the wordsmithing of this present situation is nothing more than happy talk hiding a devastating imminent market collapse. But, let the talking heads talk, th…

Arbitrage? What's that? Why use it?

Arbitrage is a trading technique that few people have ever heard about. The beauty of this trading transaction is you are buying and selling an asset, but using the price difference between two different exchanges to profit. In another words, one exchange is selling an asset higher than another. With arbitrage, you already know the price difference (which is your profit), so you buy on one exchange and sell on the other. No guesswork or speculation, nearly eliminating all risk! 

To understand the power of arbitrage trading, here's a little model or example:

Arbitrage. What is it? (noun) the simultaneous buying and selling of securities, currency, or commodities in different markets or in derivative forms in order to take advantage of differing prices for the same asset.
In the case of cryptocurrencies and Cyptosuite, it's actually a no-brainer. You can see both the buy and sell prices, and KNOW before you start the transaction exactly what you'll earn. And, because the buy/se…

After Next Week.... LOOK OUT!

There is a lot of pressure building behind a near future cryptocurrency price explosion. We have been warning about this for weeks. The weakness in the stock markets, bond markets, and US dollar have set up the perfect storm.

Take a look at the DJIA chart for Friday, April 13th.
Not surprising it's down again. Even the average commentator on CNBC and Bloomberg have noted the weak volume with the price upswings while volume ticks up on lower prices. Sadly, the bond markets are in worse shape and are far more dangerous! Another nuance to this situation is the DOWN GRADE of DeutscheBank to A-, just a hair above junk, and that's being generous.

When this system breaks, things will happen fast. You had better be ready. There are no "do-overs."  The global financial world does NOT grade on a curve.  DeutscheBank has been giving off warning signals and hints for months!

Take a look at that "almighty" US dollar.
This has weakness written all over it! If US stock markets…

Look around, maintain situational awareness. We're inching closer to the END.

At this moment in time, let's take stock, or review, the present situation, or as some people like to say "maintain situational awareness". Or more folksy and to the point, "pay attention blockhead, the shit is about to hit the fan".  2018 is the year the great collapse will happen, it's only a matter of which day, but never a matter of "if".

There are a myriad of problems that can individually catapult the world into a financial disaster. So, here are the most dangerous.

The United States government can not control its spending, debt, or deficit.

If China starts unloading US Treasuries, this could set up a treasuries and bond market collapse.

Oh, and by the way, we're not trying to scare you, but it's time to dump bonds! Like NOW!

The American economy is unwinding but American news will NOT report it. However, the same thing is happening in Canada, and they ARE reporting it! Danger, Will Robinson, we're skating on very thin ice.

Real Estate…

The games people play....

We've seen this before....
The market riggers think they're being clever. They drove the market UP to close just above the 8 Day EMA Trend line. Silly idiots, LOOK AT THE VOLUME! There is NO price support. Oh well, let them play their games, it's almost over. The chart above is the PAST.
This is the future..... Check out this video!

And the hits just keep on coming....

What a surprise..... NOT! The Plunge Protection Team (PPT) tried to prime the pump at the open, spiking the markets with worthless cash hoping to trigger a rally. But, AGAIN, these markets sold off into the close. The mark of weakness. And this will continue to happen because there is NO underlying support. Volumes seem always weaker on "up" days. But, the public keeps eating up this nonsense. Like sheep to a slaughter, most folks are clueless of the upcoming consequences of this charade and its juvenile rigging.  Take a look.... the DJIA, the easiest index to rig, STILL closed BELOW the 8 day trend line and the 50 day moving average. 
The DOWN trend continues unabated. Sadly, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

The really sad part to this entire charade, either US intelligence (aka CIA rogue elements) or the Israeli Mossad are desperately attempting to start a war in the middle-east. Doesn't ANYBODY think it's odd that when the US says they are pulling US troops out …