How to Profit from Cryptocurrencies

The dramatic explosion in cryptocurrency investment is going to be with us for a while. Early adopters and investors will make fortunes. New digital currencies are being created daily by private entities and governments all over the world. This blog is your one-stop shop to get started in this exciting and rewarding event. Everything you will need to get started is contained within these posts and pages, so spend an afternoon and read through this entire blog. It will save you time and effort.

We have provided what we refer to as "members of our preferred portfolio."  These members are cryptocurrencies that should be in your investment portfolio. These are preferred cryptocurrencies that we hold and which we strongly recommend to our friends and family. At this moment, we PREFER Bitcoin, Ethereum, Electroneum, and Monero. We own and mine these coins; and, we consider them "long term" holds.

As we find new cryptocurrencies in which we invest, we will share that inform…

Take a closer look at TODAY's chart

Today, ALL STOCK MARKETS WERE DOWN! Bonds were down,and treasuries were down. Even the Commodities indexes were down! Liquidity issues are about collapse upon the entire investment world. LOOK at today's chart. We left out the Bollinger Bands to show that today's close was BELOW the 8 day EMA (blue line, aka Trend line), below the 50 day SMA (red line) and the 100 day SMA (green line). Breaking these indicators and the contraction of price action is leading the way to a MAJOR DOWN TURN which you could call a collapse. This chart clearly shows that event coming within the next 10 business days, or sooner. By comparison, most cryptocurrencies were up today, and most were double digit increases. It's clear where the money is running to, and why Wall Street was so devious in their price manipulation of the crypto prices. They were trying to get into cryptos cheap. Cryptocurrencies are the only safe haven. 

Check this out.
If you look closely, you will notice the tightening of th…

Brace yourself for the END OF THE QUARTER

At the close of this Friday's trading on March 23rd, a lot of cash liquidity issues may start a down turn like we have never seen before. In fact, in order to book a positive first quarter, this last week of March may show the most extraordinary market rigging ever seen! Beware, the hammer is about to drop! In that scenario, the first week in April will show huge reversals setting stocks and bonds in direct opposition to cryptocurrencies. This is where fortunes will be lost and fortunes will be earned. Take a look at these charts. You can clearly see strengths and weakness in the broad view of the economy set against the safe haven of the cryptocurrency. It is important to understand that ANY asset class associated with debt will be extremely vulnerable to price weakness or collapse. 
Here, the DJIA is hugging the Trend line BUT remains BELOW the 50 day moving average! That's weakness, and the black box trading will kick in at any moment, driving the markets dramatically LOWER.

Heads up

At this moment, it appears the cryptocurrency doldrums have turned a corner. Over the next two to four months, these assets will rapidly gain value. We have suggested owning bitcoin, litecoin, electroneum, Neo, bitcoin cash, and Theta. So, if you haven't already opened a cryptocurrency trading account, we suggest getting one with HitBTC.  In the next few days, HitBTC will be announcing Electroneum on their exchange. It's free to setup the account, then you'll be ready to move funds or cryptocurrencies when the time comes. So, Get ready! The party is about to start!

YES, the banksters have coordinated a cryptocurrency sell off

DO NOT SELL your bitcoin or cryptocurrencies! If the banksters didn't think cryptocurrencies would be worth anything, they would NOT go to these extremes attempting to rig the markets! NOW is the time to buy more of whatever you can afford. Again, the banksters would not resort to this kind of underhanded activity if they had confidence in THEIR fiat system. They KNOW they are about to collapse, and they want what you have!! They are desperate. They are trying to convince you that their problem is your problem! THINK THINK THINK! 

Watch this Bix Weir video of HOW they have done this and who was involved. There's NO speculation here, just plain to see facts!

Bix Weir Video

Close..... but no cigar!

The market weakness is strong, no matter how much the Plunge Protection Team (PPT) tries to convince you otherwise. Today's chart shows that in spite of their efforts, this market closed BELOW the Trend line and 50 day moving average AGAIN! If you are still in this market at this moment, in the near future you'll have no one to blame for your financial failure but yourself. The down trend is obvious, but the systemic collapse is not. That's the part of this equation that has the bankers scrambling to get into cryptocurrencies. They do know what time it is! The bankers are terrified. Their business model is quickly becoming obsolete. Like it or not, cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and the early adopters will benefit magnificently.

Here's today's chart. Not only did the market close BELOW the technicals, but the weaker volume is exposing more weakness. 330 point UP days would be great IF they were NOT preceded by 800 and 1000 point DOWN days. They are losing ground…


The problems we are  facing really aren't hard to understand. The confusion rests in the concept of misrepresentation, i.e THEY ARE LYING TO YOU!

First, the issue of the U.S. Dollar. The dollar is growing weaker day by day. The "experts" want you believe the nonsense that a weaker dollar is good for the economy. NO, IT'S NOT! A weaker dollar means YOU HAVE EARN MORE OF THEM to buy what you want or need. That's called inflation, and it puts a huge stress on wage earners, and wages notoriously NEVER keep up! YOU are part of this economy, so NO, a weaker dollar is NOT good for an economy! Such silliness is given an air of authority, but it remains silly.

Second, the issue of cryptocurrencies. The bankers in less than three months, namely that scoundrel Jamie Dimon, have moved from bitcoin is a "fraud" to "cryptocurrencies are a disruptive technology that threatens our business". Well, Jamie, IF cryptocurrencies are a fraud, then HOW can they threat…

It's official - THE BANKS ARE SCARED !

We have warned you many times that the news media stories about the risks of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were actually fraudulent, over blown, and fake to scare YOU from investing in those assets. Even the price manipulation the bankers instigated was designed to scare you away from crypto assets. Now, the truth is coming out. Just yesterday, both JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America said in their annual reports that cryptocurrencies were a direct threat to their business and placed their business model at risk! Surprised? Now do you see why they want you to stay with them. They don't care about you, it's all about them. Their false warnings about cryptocurrencies were not public service announcements, they were fear mongering. Period. Yes, the bankers are sneaky bastards!

Recently, Goldman Sachs, via their subsidiary Circle, is buying Poloniex which is a cryptocurrency exchange. And good old Jamie Dimon's company, JP Morgan Chase is in the process of buying Coinbase, anoth…

Things are really rickety at the moment.

We have been warning and warning about the dangerous levels in the stock and bond markets, hoping that most of you would take safe haven in cryptocurrencies. Alas, many of you may find these warnings annoying or even entertaining because your confidence is secured in your favorite fund manager's views or opinions of the current market. We have only a little over 45 years experiences in this subject, so when we found this statement on ZeroHedge today, we were quite surprised. ZeroHedge stated " over 60% of fund management professionals have less than 8 years market experience ."

Here's their article.

Again, we reviewed ZeroHedge's article about the markets' technical fundamentals, and surprise! They agreed with us. Things are shaky!

Not to be redundant, but ZeroHedge hit the nail on the head AGAIN on the underlying weakness that WILL rear its ugly head soon. The GDP forecast does NOT support this present day market exuberance!

Yet again, ZeroHedge pointed out that…

Watch out! (SEE ADDENDUM)

Today's markets show the rigging is unrelenting. But, look closely at today's chart. Those "gap up" candlesticks are not exactly good signals. Indeed, they present a 78% chance of a major sell off within the next 2 trading days. And, this next sell off could be contagious. 
From the looks of it, the insiders once again used the "up tick" to bail out of these lofty and insanely high markets. This is a game of musical chairs, and when the music stops a lot of people will not be able to find a chair anywhere!

BY THE WAY, we told you what those sneaky bastards on Wall Street were doing; putting out bogus stories to scare people out of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies while they secretly tried to buy up control of those cryptocurrency assets!  Well now, here's the proof! IF these bankers will go to these lengths to LIE TO YOU and secretly buy up bitcoin, then WHY are you NOT taking the hint and investing for yourself??  READ THIS ARTICLE IF YOU WANT TO OPEN YOUR E…

HERE IT COMES - That collapse we have warned about is knocking on the door!

This past week, we have focused on the technicals that demonstrate the trend reversal (down turn) of both the stock and bond markets. Those are clear warnings that should not be ignored. But, behind these charts hides the REAL problem, the fiat currency and banking system is collapsing. Valuations of assets can not be maintained, i.e. price discovery is a myth because the central bankers have printed currencies to the point of worthlessness.  What you are seeing is NOT a market correction or pullback, this is a systemic failure, a system collapse! Everything based in debt; from currencies to stocks to bonds to commodities whose values are inflated by debt or leverage are subject to a catastrophic collapse in value. This is WHY cryptocurrencies and bitcoin are so unique from this problem, they are NOT based on debt or leverage! Insane debt has destroyed the fiat currency banking system. A systemic collapse is imminent, or at least the start of the collapse is certain for 2018.

This is t…

Kevin Hassett, White House Economic Adviser (aka CHEERLEADER)

Mr. Hassett gave a news conference at the White House today. Was any real information conveyed? NO! Yes, he had a lot of happy talk but no substance. Things must be getting scary in the White House to start the parade of sycophants this early. 

Asked about the dollar, Mr. Hassett made meaningless double-talk generalizations, and then as if to be definitive, deferred a substantive answer to Secretary Mnuchin who was no where to be found.

Asked about the stock market volatility, again, Mr. Hassett fumbled around with more nonsensical generalizations, then quipped that recent stock market machinations are normal! WHAT? Thousand point drops are normal!?  Since when? The Great Depression? 

Asked about inflation. well.... Mr. Hassett was just ridiculous, BUT, the onslaught of the coming wave of inflation is normal, and by his account it's a product of a booming economy. REALLY?

But, my personal favorite, Mr. Hassett stumbled around the true benefits of Trump's recent tax overhaul. And g…

Take cover! This is not a drill. Take cover now while you still can.

The US markets are so manipulated that real market action appears mundane. The propaganda machine, or mind control, or whatever, has created a mindset of apathy or disbelief. So, let's pay attention to reality.

Most of you are not technical traders or experienced traders of any success. So, it may be hard to understand Japanese candlestick charts and what their formations indicate. Regardless of your experience level, just understand that recent charts have indicated a STRONG trend reversal. In this case, the trend reversal would be DOWN. An important nuance to this trend is volume. Volume is very important to discern if there is momentum behind a trend. In other words, if more trades are occurring when stocks are moving down, then the momentum says the market is moving down. So, the candlestick formations AND the volume are both strongly showing big down momentum now and it's building.

In spite of those warning signs, most people appear to be complacent about this present condi…

The Party's over !

We have entered into the most dangerous period in modern history. Those of you that had participated in our finance conference calls over the past two years know we have warned you of this moment and what to do to protect yourself.  We warned that this moment was never in doubt of happening, we just couldn't accurately predict the exact moment. Now, enough data has come out  to determine that we are in the final weeks which will escalate into the collapse we warned about.

Our friend, The Wonder Down Under, Liam Reardon, has produced a very timely video you should immediately watch. Indeed, it would be prudent for you to subscribe to his channel. 

Here's today's chart. See anything familiar? That's right, the down trend continues. This week there is a $250 billion bond auction scheduled, and again, we are predicting a dismal outcome. That  event will cause greater deterioration of the stock and bond markets later in the week. Remember where this is going, valuation equili…